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No space left on device Docker toolbox

(Ngoctuan001) #1

Hi guys , i am using docker toolbox for windows 7

when i try to build the docker image , i got this problem

anyone have any idea why

I can build a simple image following the tutorial here
but when i apply it to build my app’s docker image. it have this problem

(Mryap) #2

If you regularly find yourself running short of disk space in your virtual machine, you can create one that has more to begin with.

WARNING: This will delete all existing containers or images used by the docker VM. Please be aware that you might lose data from non-Divio Cloud related containers as well!

You can set disk size using the “–virtualbox-disk-size” flag.

To delete your old VM and create a new one from scratch with 100GB, you’d run:

$ docker-machine rm default

$ docker-machine create -d virtualbox --virtualbox-disk-size "100000" default