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RabbitMQ windows containers

Title says it all.

Is RabbitMQ supported for windows containers?
If so whats the correct image i need to pull?

I can only find a real reference from 2018 saying it wasnt officially supported back then, has this changed?

Want to quickly spin up RabbitMQ on your Windows development environment? Maybe you just want to try the most deployed message broker and you don’t want to try it on Azure or ask your IT crew to deploy a new server just for that: Docker is your solution.
Install Docker for Windows: just download it and let the installer do the rest
Start Docker and wait for its the initialization. You will see an icon of a whale in the taskbar
Open Powershell and type:

If you don’t see any errors, and you see a Docker version, it is correctly installed.
4. Now we have to download the RabbitMQ image. In this case, we will download the image with a management plugin in order to be able to view the RabbitMQ server-side GUI. The command to download or update a Docker image is pull

  1. Now we will start the RabbitMQ Docker image with a simple command:

With the p argument we are mapping RabbitMQ ports to Docker container ports. 15672 is the default port for RabbitMQ GUI, 5672 for RabbitMQ message broker. With the name argument we are giving a name to our container, in order to identify it in a more readable way than using the generated GUID. This will allow us to easily stop, remove, and manage our containers. At the end, we specify the docker image to run, in this case the one we pulled before.
If the operation goes well, you will see a GUID as output.
6. Test the image by opening “http://localhost:15672/#/” in your browser. The default login is guest guest: you should see the RabbitMQ management GUI.

Hi lewish95,
I already have docker on my machine and can run in lunix containers on windows 10.
But the question was asked to me if we could use windows containers rather than linux .
So ive asked the question if rabbitMQ is supported inisde windows containers, as i know the majority of images are mainly linux based.