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Windows server core + SQL Express + RabbitMQ

hello there,
I want to build an image from Windows Server Core with
a. SQL Server Express
b. RabbitMQ

I suppose I should start with mssql-server-windows-express

FROM microsoft/mssql-server-windows-express
RUN mkdir “C:\packages”
COPY rabbitmq-server-3.7.9.exe C:\packages
CMD [“cmd”]

Once built, get into the container:
docker run -it myteam/some_base_img:version1.0.0

Then run:

But as I done that, seems nothing happened? In an actual VM, you’d see the installer GUI pops up. But in a docker container, we don’t have graphical user interface.

Am I going down the wrong approach in the first place? I am thinking perhaps I should have three separate containers
container 1: my dotnet core applications which need Microsoft SQL and Rabbit MQ.
Image from
container 2: Microsoft SQL only: mssql-server-windows-express
docker pull microsoft/mssql-server-windows-express
container 3: rabbitmq only
docker pull rabbitmq
The use docker-compose.yml to wrap the three containers as one single service? Is that the proper approach?