Recommendation for PHP MySQL dev

Hi, I am new to the forum. I have learned some things about Docker and think it is great. At first, I was like what is this… and now I see. Wow is all I have to say, super powerful.

I was wondering can somebody recommend an image to start from that will be good to use for PHP MySQL development. That is my main area of interest, although rusty, and have not touched it in years. Also interested in learning about React.js. So I should say I am looking for a webserver image suitable for both. Do not hesitate to mention anything you feel. Thanks - Phil

If you go to Docker Hub and search for official images, you can find official PHP images with and without Apache HTTPD. If Docker is new to you, you can start with the apache variant, but using a separate Apache HTTPD (or NGinX) and a PHP image is usually better. You just don’t need to start with the best solution when you are learning and don’t forget it is not the final solution.

You can find multiple images for MySQL or MariaDB too. The Official MySQL image is the one that is maintained by " the Docker Community and the MySQL Team". There is an other version “Created, maintained and supported by the MySQL team at Oracle” which is mysql/mysql-server I think it worked better on my MacOS with the ARM cpu.

If you prefer MariaDB instead of MySQL, you can use the official image since the one maintained by the MariaDB team is deprecated now. Or you can try the MariaDB image from Bitnami. I like Bitnami, because they do a very good job with their images.

I would always start with the official images though, since those are usally well documented. If it doesn’t work well or you prefer an image from the owner/developer of the software, then you can use those. If none of them are good for you, you can look for other images too. Be careful, since anyone can upload images but some of them could be harmful.

Hi, thanks for the reply this is super helpful. I will look for the official images. I am currently having some luck with the tomsik86/xampp image. XAMPP was the recommendation for an online tutorial I am taking. However, your advice will serve me well with the testing and practice of setting up different environments for development. This is stuff is powerful. Thanks again