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To Bitnami or not? That is the question

I am just starting to investigate using Docker to set up a development to production scheme. My web App was written in php under LAMP and runs on AWS Lightsail/Bitnami and uses MariaDB and some typical AWS datastores such as dynamoDB and S3. I have gotten two bits of advice on how to set this up. Bitnami has directions starting with an AWS instance and installing Docker on it. AWS support, on the other hand, suggests starting with an appropriate prebuilt LAMP image up here (they haven’t mentioned which one). My goal BTW, is to be able to develop on my local Ubuntu (in a container) on my laptop. I am heavily dependent on debugging and use phpStorm for development which is done under CodeIgniter.

I am reading a book on Docker, and this is my only training in the topic. Looking for some practical advice. Do I just use an image up here, or do I build three containers as bitnami is recommending?

Can anyone give me any heads up on how to proceed?