Recommendations for books on Docker for Windows?

I am a complete newbie to Docker, early in the evaluation phase,
I am working in an almost pure Windows environment; we are using Windows tools for creating embedded software. Parts of it (notably the majority of the testing framework) is Python, but the main part is done in C and other compiled languages. We are currently using Bamboo to run our builds, but we are evaluating Jenkins.

I picked up a few books on Docker (Mouat: “Using Docker”, Nickoloff: “Docker in action”, Sayers: “Docker in Practice” .- but they are all very thin on Windows use of Docker. I find very little about, say, Windows Registry access, or How to install licensed software that may need access to an in-house or network license server, or a license key in the Registry.

How is user identity and access control managed? Is it possible to dockerize tools providing user preferences settings - often maintained in the Registry? History, last used files (or whatever).

Is there any good Docker book that describes how to successfully move from a “classical” Windows environment to a Docker environment, bringing along your Windows based tools and as much as possible of your old concepts regarding e.g. user access rights?

One of my co-workers wrote this:

Review here: