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Recommended way to run docker on Mac without access to intel vtd

I am currently using:
docker-machine create --driver virtualbox --virtualbox-cpu-count 1 --virtualbox-memory "12288" default
but unfortunately when increasing the CPU count docker just seems to get slower. Are there any other alternatives?

If you are planning to run docker in a linux machine your answer is yes, you can run docker without the need of VT-x or similar technologies in your processor, since Docker only required cgroups to be available on kernel to get the majority of its features working, but if you need to run docker in a Mac OSX or Windows, you will need to install virtualbox to run boot2docker, but it also doesn’t mean that you need to have VT-x available in your processor, however you will may notice some performance loss.

For Windows there’s a plan to get docker working there without any virtualization at all, but I believe we will have it on next major update of Windows Server (since there’s no plans for future versions of Windows, only updates).