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Running Docker Machine on a Ubuntu VM from VirtualBox

(Kona153) #1

Hi all,

I have just recently discovered Docker and was very keen to try hosting some VM’s but have hit a problem. I’m running a Ubuntu VM on VirtualBox (which is running on my VT-x enabled Windows 7 PC) and have so far got the Docker Machine infrastructure up and running. When I try to create a new docker machine, the system tells me I don’t have VT-x enabled (which of course I do). Is there any way around this or do I just go for another hypervisor?? Thank you for any advice!!


(Kona153) #2

What I don’t understand is that the example used in the docker documentation uses Virtualbox…

(Munir) #3

Hello @kona153

You are correct, VirtualBox will run a virtual machine in the background when launching the docker quickstart terminal.

Here’s a graphic for reference showing the results of a following the instructions at

on the left, docker terminal, on the right, VirtualBox GUI manager.

Software In Use

  • Windows 7 Professional x64
  • VirtualBox-5.0.20-106931-Win.exe
  • DockerToolbox-1.11.1.exe

(Dvohra) #4

"If your BIOS includes a setting to enable or disable support for Intel VT, make sure it is enabled. "

Use the utility to find if the system supports VT-X.
Intel® Processor Identification Utility

(Kona153) #5

Thanks for the reply. It does.

(Kona153) #6

Many thanks! I’ll have a look now :slight_smile:

(Kona153) #7

Hi Polygot,

I’ve got Docker Machine up and running from my windows client now. Many thanks for your help. Just noticed that the VM I created in the windows client is running as a VM in virtual box.

Have a great day!

(Munir) #8

Awesome! You are welcome.

I have heard rumors of nested levels of virtualization being a possibility in future versions of hyper-v but no firm commitments or timelines from microsoft.

You have a great day as well.

(Dvohra) #9

What is the output of the Intel® Processor Identification Utility utility?