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Recreated my account, organization namespace no longer available


So to stay consistent everywhere, I needed to change my username. I did not see any obvious way to do this in the profile. I followed a guide that instructed me to delete/deactivate the account. To do this, I had to deactivate my organization. Little did I know that I wasn’t able to recreate my organization on the new account.

My organization was in the namespace: “saberenterprise”. Would it be possible to get this namespace recreated under my new account?

It would also be really nice to easily be able to change names, both for organizations and users…

Kind regards,
Stian Mathisen

The organization redirects to the user with that name. So, your new user name has the same name as the organization? I doubt that’s supported, but maybe it is.

Just in case it helps (which I doubt): hitting Escape just before the redirect shows zero owners on, at least it does for me:

It makes sense that It shows zero owners, as the account that was the owner is deactivated. I did that this weekend.

The new owner should be “stianmathisen”, I dont know where the redirect comes from, I have not configured that. Maybe that is normal with deactivated namespaces with no owners? Im very new to docker/docker hub, soni wouldn’t know.