Redo: Windows containers on macOS

The last question I saw about this on a search was from 2016. It was never answered. I am hoping something has changed…

Can I run a windows container on macOS docker?

No. As of now, you can only run Windows containers Windows.

Thank you for the quick response. Do you know if there is a road map for this or is it not something that is being pursued?

I have not found any mention of it anywhere. Personally, I don’t think this would be pursued. The way Windows Containers work currently makes it impractical.

Let me explain, Today, if you run Windows containers on Windows 10, each container is really a lightweight Hyper-V VM. This approach obviously won’t work on macOS.

If you run Windows Server, then Windows containers can be run as isolated processes, like Linux containers. So, in theory, you could run Windows Server in a VM on macOS, and get the same effect as running Linux VMs through docker-machine. But license costs would make this option prohibitive.