Referencing a Windows path for a volume in Docker

So I’m trying to investigate this interesting photo management tool Damselfly and though it supports running directly under Windows 10 the documentation is purposely incomplete and while I got it running for the most part it eventually hard crashed my machine. So I am trying to use the Docker setup which I can get to run but it doesn’t see my pictures.

This is the startup command:

docker run \
    --name damselfly \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    -v /volume1/dockerdata/damselfly:/config \
    -v m:/charles/Dropbox/graphics:/pictures \
    -v /volume1/dockerdata/damselfly/thumbs:/thumbs \
    -p 6363:6363 \
    -d \

I have tried a number of tips from here, the Docker forums and other web searches to no avail. Here are some of the alternatives for :/pictures I have tried:

-v m:\\charles\\Dropbox\\graphics:/pictures
--mount type=bind,src=m:\charles\Dropbox\graphics,target=/pictures
-v //m/charles/Dropbox/graphics/:/pictures
-v "mnt/m/charles/Dropbox/graphics:/pictures"

No matter what I have tried Docker launches, the container is created and every aspect of the application starts up but there are no folders or pictures available to the container as verified by using Docker Desktop to view the files within the container.

Bottom line, how do you use a Windows path as the location a Docker volume references under Windows 10 Home?