Remote TLS on Mac

Hey everyone,

I’m working on getting remote TLS working after the newest update, and I want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. I can’t currently connect so I want to make sure. If this doesn’t work I may try to get SOCAT ssl to work. These are the steps I used:

Inside the docker daemon menu I have:

"tlskey": "Location",
"tlscert" :"Location",

To create the SSLs, I followed the guide here “

For server.csr subj I have “/CN=IP-OF-SERVER-MACHINE:2376”
For subjectAltName DNS:MACHINE-IP, IP:RANGE OF INTERNAL, IP:LOCAL-IP >> extfile.cnf

Then for client.csr I used ‘/CN=client’

I’m trying to curl agains the machine and I’m getting connection refused.

Any ideas? Did I botch the SSL set up?

Thank you