How to create a docker machine without TLS to use in Mac Env with Java


My needs is to use Docker-Machine to create development env with Docker engine installed. The problem comes from with Mac because from Mac if I run Java program, I could not be connected to the socket.

We can read here : Official Docker documentation that

Warning: These TLS commands will only generate a working set of certificates on Linux. Mac OS X comes with a version of OpenSSL that is incompatible with the certificates that Docker requires.

I wonder how to do it. I search here into other issue but no way to be right. For example : docker-machine create node without tls verification

Second question : how do you do it to connect the docker client in MacOsX to TLS Socket ? Do you import and compile a specific implementation and not use openssl from Mac ?

Thanks you very much. Best regards, Nicolas (@zepouet)

For example, this command line is not right : Wrong ?
docker-machine create -d virtualbox --engine-env DOCKER_TLS=no --engine-opt host=tcp:// node

A workaround at this time is to enter into docker machine via ssh

docker-machine ssh node1

Then kill the docker processus and restart it in insecure mode

sudo /usr/local/bin/docker daemon -D -g /var/lib/docker -H unix:// -H tcp:// --label provider=virtualbox -s aufs

I changed the port to another one (4243).

If another workaround, I take it :slightly_smiling:

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