Request for Installation Steps & Support for Alma Linux 9.2

I am planning to use Docker on Alma Linux 9.2 and am seeking guidance on the following:

  1. Installation Steps: Could you please provide detailed steps or documentation for installing Docker on Alma Linux 9.2?
  2. Support for Alma Linux 9.2: I’d like to know if Docker officially supports Alma Linux 9.2 and if there are any known issues or special considerations when running Docker on this version.

Your assistance and feedback will be greatly appreciated, as it will aid in the smooth deployment and operation of Docker on our Alma Linux 9.2 systems.

Thank you in advance for your support and looking forward to your response.

All supported platforms are in the documentation

If you want to use Alma Linux, I recommend asking your question in an Alma Linux forum. IF the distribution supports it somehow, you can install Docker, but that is not officially supported by Docker Inc. Searching for “Docker install on Alma Linux” on Google can help too.