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Request help to run the final step in a build

hello, I finally can run docker with wsl2 in Windows 10, but I found a new problem.

I want to git-clone this link:

but at the moment that I tried to build as was requested for the author I have this error message:

ERROR: Couldn't find env file: C:\LocalPath\PyERP\.env.web

then what should do?

should edit the docker-compose.yaml?

the steps I did was:

git clone C:\LocalPath\PyERP

cd C:\LocalPath\PyERP

docker-compose up -d --build

It looks like the docker-compose.yml file is trying to load environment variables from .env.web but the file is not included in the repo nor is the contents documented so you have no chance of getting this to work.

I would recommend you open an Issue in GitHub and ask that the file be checked in or at least an example of it that you an copy from, or ask that they document what you need to create one in the file)