Win10 Docker App - Learning center first steps are pretty confusing

I just installed docker on windows 10.
Im at the very first step of the learning center. I appreciate any help

How do I run a container?

At the 2.1 step:


About the “Clone the repository” part. Should i learn, sign up, download and install github to continue?
What does it mean “Clone the repository”?
There is this part that looks like a command: "git clone https: … "
What shall I do with that? Do i have to do both? Clone repo and put this command to somewhere?

At step 2.2:

( i have downloaded the github repository zip file… not sure this is what i have to do?!

I unzipped the content to a folder, and i have opened the folder in visual studio code.
What does it mean “Verify your docker file”?
What does it mean “Open the sample application in your ide”? I means open the folder? I do not see any application/ .exe file in the downloaded zip.

At step 2.3

Okay so i have to open a command line at put this “docker build …etc” command in it??
What does it mean “… in your project folder”? The folder what i downloaded from github?
Is this step necessery after step 2.2? Or this is an alternative way to build what i see in the downloaded folder?
It the learning center first step 1.0 i already have a “welcome-to-docker” image.
Why should i recreate it? Wouldn’t be a problem if i try to create an image with the same name?

Appreciate any help!
ps: i tried to attach more screenshot but the forum does not let me do it.

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This is the screenshot for step 2.2:

This is the screenshot for step 2.3:

I am just starting at this as well. I’m on Windows 11 using WSL. Not sure what you are using. Or if you found an answer…

For me, I’m running Ubuntu and cloned the repository into my home folder. When I ran “docker compose up -d” inside the “multi-container-app” directory, it built everything there, and since Docker Desktop is linked to my WSL, it showed up in my containers on the Docker Desktop.

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Completely agree with @bencemarci. I just installed Docker to start leaning and get more familiar to move my PiHole and Plex off dedicated hardware and combine into a single server with Docker and then add more things on, but this Learning Center is hot garbage. It doesn’t walk you through anything. It leaps and bounds steps and is impossible to follow along for me to learn. I’ve given up trying to follow along and guess I’ll just have to find YouTube videos to setup these apps I want to setup and hope to figure it out that way. I was so excited to start getting into Docker and to hit this roadblock immediately is frustrating. The Learning Center needs a complete overhaul as it’s lacking the in-between steps. What would REALLY help would be a video tutorial to follow along with the steps for users who get stuck when the instructions aren’t clear.


Docker Desktop Learning Center needs a complete rewrite!

As described eloquently by @bencemarci, if you’re new to Docker Desktop and try to follow the Learning Center guide “How do I run a container”, good luck!

First issue, the “Get the sample application” git clone… code throws an error if run on a terminal; “git clone not compatible with this protocol”.

The instructions ask you to run commands, but where do you run them - in a standard CMD, in a windows powershell, in the Ubuntu window, it’s never mentioned? It then says the guide requires you to run commands in the project directory - where is that; on the windows file system, or maybe in the Ubuntu container, from a terminal within your ide maybe?

It then asks you to open the project in your ide, again on what file system; windows, linux? In the container maybe? Where is that exactly? Very confusing. How do you you find the project files from within Visual Studio Code for example? If the files are on the windows file system you’ve got half a chance of finding them, if they are within a container, where on earth are they then? Not explained, not clear at all.

Going to have to abandon this untill ifind a good tutorial written by someone outside of the Docker dev team it seems!

The whole Learning Center need to be written from the standpoint of a complete Docker newbe. Too many assumptions are made currently.


Completely agree! When I have to research every step, in the tutorial, something is very broken. This is made all the more frustrating considering the current state of search engines. This is one of the most frustrating tutorials I’ve seen for something technical, and that’s saying a lot!