[Resolved] Docker pull unauthorized despite login

Since today it seems I can no longer pull any images from https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/library.

It will always result in

docker: Error response from daemon: Head "https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/library/alpine/manifests/latest": Get "https://auth.docker.io/token?account=...&scope=repository%3Alibrary%2Falpine%3Apull&service=registry.docker.io": net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers).

using docker run alpine as an example

It seems like an ISP Problem since it happens on multiple devices even with clean installs. Has anyone an idea?
I already switched DNS Servers. Reset the creds inside ‘Credential Manager’.

Calling ‘https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/library/alpine/manifests/latest’ results in:


Meanwhile docker-desktop seems to have a logged in session. Installing Extensions also does not work since pulling those images is also affected.

Hello @khaostheory ,

docker registry is up and running fine as of now.

docker pull alpine

Using default tag: latest

latest: Pulling from library/alpine

Digest: sha256:124c7d2707904eea7431fffe91522a01e5a861a624ee31d03372cc1d138a3126

can you please check your DNS settings /etc/resolv.conf if it’s resolving correctly.

also could you please share the output of the below command?
ping docker.com
telnet registry.docker.io 443

All running into timeouts. But the issue was now resolved by the ISP. Their internal routing was completly broken.

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