Windows 10 PRO // computer restart // config files not read // linux containers


Windows 10 PRO
Version (30215)
Channel: stable
Build: 0b030e1

Background: I am running radarr, sonarr, tautulli aso (linux containers) in Docker for windows containers.
Random note: The apps are installed by kitematic, somehow it works better then via script.

Issue: The problem I am having is that when I restart my computer and the Docker restarts it does not read the correct config files to any of my container. So when I restart docker//computer then I have to manually point the config files for every container through the Kitematic - Settings - Volumes - Change (config).

Any ideas how to solve it, its annoying?


How to generate a docker task to redefine the config/file location in Kitematic automatically after the start of Docker/Kitematic?