Restore docker in another server

I use redhat 7.4 ( server A ) with docker is running ,

I have setup a new redhat 7.4 server ( server B ) and restore all the docker files from server A to this server .

The backup is by the linux command “cp” not by docker backup command .

May I know what I need to do in server B so that it can run the same docker service as server A ?


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Well it depnds on how its setup on ServerA.

If you run public images, and mount a host volume, it would to be simply copy the files to the new host, and start it the same way as you did on ServerA.

Can you tell us a bit more about your setup?
Maybe share your docker-compose file (if you use that)

@terpz is right if you share how do you set up would be easier… but in all cases I would suggest you to use RSYNC instead of CP on bash… which will sync your servers, or your backup!

Give it a try:

rsync --archive --verbose serverA:/path/to/docker/compose/files ./local/folder/where/should/be/synced 

Hope it helps!