Role Assumption within AWS

Do you guys have a good way to do this as of yet? I’m looking for specific services to have different roles that I can assume - I know it works with ECS but I’m wondering if anyone has any workflow that has worked for them currently or if this is something AWS is going to have (treating containers as first class citizens) within this Docker for AWS platform.

@kevinsps I just started reading these forums so you may have already figured this out but if you have any questions I’ve been doing a bit of work with roles.

Are you talking about assuming a role using a metadata proxy? I just would like the agent to go ahead and do all that work for me. They have the agent already on the host, it would behoove AWS/Docker to just handle this for us so we can just launch cloud formation templates into our clusters.

The metadata endpoint is only one possible method, not sure if you’re referencing my other post but that is tangential to this. You can add more policies to your cloudformation template allowing the role that is created to assume other roles.