Routing issues (Docker on Proxmox) from one container to another

I´m using a Proxmox host with a docker installation as a VM. The ports 80 and 443 from the proxmox are redirect to docker vm. In docker I´m using traefik as a reverse proxy. Behind traefik I´ve got a nextcloud and a collabora container. Both containers have their public dns names and I could reach both from outside (traefik does his job well). But the containers can´t communicate from one container to another with their FQDN.

From Nextcloud-CT to Collabora-CT I could resolve the dns name with the public ip address. But with traceroute I could see that it goes via docker host to proxmox host and not to the other container.

> traceroute
traceroute to (XXX.XXX.XX.XX), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (  0.060 ms  0.019 ms  0.022 ms
 2 (XXX.XXX.XX.XX)  0.092 ms  0.065 ms  0.051 ms

Is there any chance to use public dns names from one container to another?
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Docker doesn’t care if the url uses a public fqdn, or a service name within the same container network or directly uses the published ports on the node.

May I ask what the traceroute ouput is supposed to illustrate? As I understand your VM runs in a natted network on the PVE host (therefore the forwarded ports)… Of course Traceroute will stop at the PVE host.

Are you sure the PVE NAT and your WAN-Router can handle NAT-Loopback/Hairpinning. Some ISP default routers do not support it.

Ok, let me explain. PVE host has public ip address - let me say and a private ip address Docker host runs at a private subnet and has the ip address The both docker container for nextcloud and collobora have dns entries with the public ip address of the PVE host - So the traceroute is right - it resolve the dns name to the public ip address of the PVE host. But it reroute it from container to docker to container.
Now to the nextcloud/collobora problem: the FQDN have to be reachable under this FQDN from one docker container and from external. I could only configure one URL and this have to be the FQDN.

Sorry, I couldn´t explain it better …

I am not able to get a clear understanding of the context the issue happens in, which is a precondition to think things thru.

I hope someone else will be able to make sense of the provided details and provide guidance.