[newby question] how to connect application (proxmox->OMV->next cloud)


I am sure I would regret that question after some time;) I cannot belive I have such problem but… I cannot find solution.

my setup is proxmox run on 192.168.x.x network
in proxmox I have open media valut NAS (192.168.x.x) where I have docker and portainer…

I wanted to have next cloud for my private cloud system so installed with instructions next cloud in docker under open media valut system and no idea how to connect with this application now.

my docker got IPs(127.x.x.x) which I cannot open so no idea where to find IP for this new created next cloud system. can you please help me?

In order to access the container (this is not a docker :wink: ), you need to publish the container port to a host port. The container ip usualy is irrelvant, as access from lan to a container is done using the host_ip:published_host_port (which requires the port beeing published/mapped). Even for container to container communication the container/service name should be used instead of the ip.

If the tutorial you followed didn’t mention that the port needs to be published, I suggest you look for a better one. This is like the most basic knowledge, even included in the most basic tutorials.