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Routing Mesh in Docker for Azure?

Expected behavior

Port conflicts on Host node LBR should resolve

Actual behavior


Additional Information

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Deploy cluster from and then run samples @ (if voting app uses 5000 no ther app can use port 5000)

Additional Info

• Congratulations on the release of docker 4 cloud(s) GA and I forked the latest stable Docker for Azure v1.13.0-1 to automate hooking up to Microsoft Operational Management Suite which succeeded. Seems like Docker for Azure is now upstream of the upcoming consolidated Docker for Datacaneter (Hopefully production grade).

• I have a query regarding Docker for Azure which requires some context and your kind direction based upon your stack direction and features would benefit my work a lot !

o The Forked and enhanced repository I am speaking (Docker for Azure) is

• The cluster is originally integrated with Azure vmscalesets and comes packed with micro tools like the “loadbalancer” and the container images from docker4x which are close sourced.

• On initiating the cluster initiation with added on OMS Settings, (specified swarm managers and workers) the following are spawned:

  1. ALL Cluster members are initiated by the following container which stops after spawning the following


  1. Spawned on ALL Hosts of docker4azure (otherclouds too albeit with different prefix)

On ALL Hosts/NODES -




  1. EXTRA spawned on Swarm Manager HOSTS/NODES besides the above:



  1. Ofcourse spawned the latter on all as an extra for OMS Monitoring on Azure for the stated repo -

Query is, ran the following ( ) and seems Routing Mesh does not work for this (if changing the port for votingapp to 5000 since OAuth of sprintboot runs on 5000 though not exposed in yml of the stack).

Is routing mesh a part of the above stack release for v1.13.0-1?

Hi @dwaiba, routing mesh should work fine in the latest Docker for Azure release. What issue are you seeing?