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Run Docker containers for home automation

I have a few standard docker containers running on my Raspberry Pi, one of them is Domoticz.

To fully integrate zigbee functionality I have bough various sensors and a USB coordinatior. Next is to install the various containers and integrated them with Domoticz. What I need to run is:

  1. MQTT Broker (Mosquitto)
  2. Zigbee2mqtt
  3. Zigbee2mqttAssistant

I am working on the first 2 for more than 1 week, but I can’t get it working.
I tried many sites and guidelines, wirh different results, but never a working configuration. Either the container is running but there is no port exposed (so cannot access it). Or the container is running, has a port exposed, but cannot be reached on that port.

I am urgently looking for simple instructions to get it working within a day.

Suggestions are welcome.

Is this different from your Docker Mosquitto container not working? (The forum software and its anti-spam provider are flagging your post. :thinking:)