Domoticz Containers - a starting post for such users

Hi. New to Docker and I’m trying out a Domoticz, a home automation system, running in Docker on a Raspberry Pi 4 under Buster.

I was surprised that the search function produced 0 hits for Domoticz so I thought I would start this post. If there is a better forum section for this post then I’m happy for the mods to move.

There are no Domoticz containers that are Verified Publisher or Official Image. I’m always wary of downloading “any old” code so I looked for images that have recently been updated and previously downloaded in large volume.

My first choice was linuxserver/domoticz with 10M+ downloads and weighing at circa 150MB but I soon hit a problem in that the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins were not recognised as a Device. I’m posted my problem on GitHub

My second choice was joshuacox/mkdomoticz 100K+ downloads but not updated for 1 year and about 600MB. This container did recognise the GPIO pins and I’m underway using this. But I found problems sending an email and sending a Telegram notification - even the Test button on the Settings page didn’t work. Again I’ve posted on GitHub

In the meantime I have written 4 python scripts to email, sms (UK provider), mqtt and telegram from a Blockly rule [Blockly is a graphical rule engine].

Are there Docker Domoticz users on a Rasp Pi who have found a successful image?