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Run Docker Desktop for Windows on a virtualized host?

our solution is running as a lot of Windows Services, that are installed by our setup. One of our components should run in the future in a Docker Container. Our customers are using very often virtualized Windows Server 2016 Systems. Docker Desktop for Windows requires HyperV, because it installs a HyperV-Image (DockerDesktopVM) in that is running the Docker Engine.
I thought, thtat it is not possible to have a virtualized computer (for example a virtualized Windows Server 2016) in that is running another virtualized image?

Is it possible to use Docker on a virtualized host? What are the requierements for this?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Docker Desktop is not the software you should use on Windows Server. Take a look at Get started: Prep Windows for containers where you can read “To run containers on Windows Server, you need a physical server or virtual machine running Windows Server”.

Hi tekki,

thank you very much for this valuable information.
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