Running a container behind a corporate proxy

Expected behavior

want to build, run a container that operates through my corporate proxy

Actual behavior

the container will build but does not connect to the internet.

I know that the docker for mac uses your local network settings for proxy. my issue is that mine is a pac file.

I was wondering what the best practice is for building and running a container that operates with the proxy. I have tried using ENV variables in my container or the --build-args for HTTP_PROXY and so forth. wondering if there is a better way.


If your pac file isn’t too complicated, you should be able to find the ip address and port for your proxy just by looking at it (put the url for it in a browser to view/download it). You can then enter those values as manual proxy settings and see if you can still browse the web…

…assuming your corporate policies allow this and/or anyone will notice!?!..