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Running container shows current state as COMPLETE after restart


I restarted one of the replica container of one of my services and after that it shows its current state as COMPLETE and desired state as SHUTDOWN:

ID                  NAME                             IMAGE                                      NODE                  DESIRED STATE       CURRENT STATE           ERROR               PORTS
j11x6tedn8ef        wp-sumicol_wp-sumicol_com_co.1   juanluisbaptiste/docker-wordpress:php7.0   swarm-worker-prod-5   Running             Running 3 weeks ago                         
y0vgkymi1gwl        wp-sumicol_wp-sumicol_com_co.3   juanluisbaptiste/docker-wordpress:php7.0   swarm-worker-prod-2   Shutdown            Complete 4 hours ago                        

but the container is running fine, I can exec into it with no issues. Why is this ? is there a way to fix it without redeploying the stack ?

Thanks in advance.