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Tasks "DesiredState" vs "Status.State"

(Markvr) #1

I have several services that have tasks with DesiredState=shutdown but CurrentState =running e.g.

    ID                  NAME                                        IMAGE            NODE                        DESIRED STATE       CURRENT STATE       
    rkug15zvcdsg        webapps_haproxy.5sn9i8kbypzzzuwwyteum1hwm       haproxy:80ed8c   5sn9i8kbypzzzuwwyteum1hwm   Shutdown            Running 8 weeks ago
    t6iif68qpeor        webapps_haproxy.w18t3dgc803bz5lb09p1t4sas       haproxy:80ed8c   w18t3dgc803bz5lb09p1t4sas   Shutdown            Running 8 weeks ago

What state are these in? Are they still running and Swarm has failed to shut them down for some reason?

docker service ls shows 1/1 tasks running for this service, which is correct.