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Running HHVM's "hh_server" fails

(Supun Budhajeewa) #1

Running HHVM’s hh_server tool fails with following error:

Fatal error: exception Not_found.

Same tool works fine in the host with same OS (Ubuntu 14.04) and HTTP server (nginx).

Any idea how this might occur?

(Sven Dowideit) #2

I’m going to presume that whatever image you’re running doesn’t have everything set up right.

I’m not sure that we’re going to know enough about HHVM to debug it for you - though I presume there will be some log file that tells you more.

(Supun Budhajeewa) #3

I used the ubuntu:trusty image Sven.

Unfortunately I had to remove docker and use lxc because of this very issue and so I am unable to show you the dockerfile now. However, I didn’t do anything other than installing hhvm and trying to run hh_server.

Hope this would be enough information for you to try and reproduce the error, as more developers may be wanting to run HHVM on Docker.