Running my application in a container/image

This is probably a simple question, but can’t seem to figure it out. I have a software application that I would like to run automatically in a Docker container. The application requires three services to run automatically, I created an image using a dockerfile, the part relevant to getting these services started looks similar to this:

CMD systemctl enable solr
CMD systemctl enable jena-fuseki
CMD systmectl enable custom_application
CMD systemctl start solr
CMD systemclt start jena-fuseki
CMD systemctl start custom_application

Now when I run the docker image and connect to it, I can see everything has been installed properly but nothing is running, my question is how do I do this so that everything runs automatically when I run a container off this image I’ve created? I’m sure there is something that I’m just not grasping fundamentally, as I’ve not worked w/Docker containers before and I realize that they are much different than VM’s in some ways.