Run software in a container

I have a need to run software inside my container, and my code interacts with this software to do some automation.

The app is normally a GUI based app, but I am able to run in in ‘invisible mode’ for the sake of automation.

I’ve installed it in a container, and am running my code against it, but am unable to tell if my code isn’t working because doing this isn’t possible, or if because i’ve installed the software incorrectly.

Does anyone know if this use case is possible?

need more info… how would you connect to ‘your software’? what kind of container is this? windows, linux? …

does your software produce any logging? if so, what does that say?

I have a library that allows me to create an instance of the automation software and execute commands against it. This library is written in VB, so I am using windows containers (FROM microsoft/windowsservercore:1709) presently. My code that I have written logs some info to the console, and throws an error when it’s trying to create an instance of the software. After doing more research yesterday, I’m pretty sure that the msiexec.exe to install it didn’t run correctly, but I’m not sure why. The log file for running the msiexec.exe was empty.

To be specific, the automation software doesn’t seem to provide any logs for its execution state, but my code does.

i think it might be that the msi file has problems in container

run commands need / as the path separator, not \