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Running windows server containers with Hyper-v disabled

I have a few questions about docker for windows and windows server containers. Recently i ran into a situation at work where i need to run windows server containers on a windows iot enterprise host but need to disable hyper-v due to Beckhoff twincat3 software that is incompatible with hyper-v. The actual machine i need to run containers on is Beckhoff hardware thats sort of a mashup between a PLC and a normal x86 server.

I was under the impression that running windows containers was not relying on the hyper-v subsystem since no vm is needed for windows containers so disabled hyper-v. Once I rebooted I was able to start the windows server container on the host however networking relies on a hyper-v NAT switch that got uninstalled when I disabled hyper-v.

Is it possible to disable hyper-v in such a way that I can run the windows server containers that i need too with working networking without hyper-v actively running because it breaks other virtualization software running on the machine?


Did you try to reference this article?

I didn’t tried your scenario, but if you have containers up and running and the only issue is absence of NAT networking, just go head and create a custom network, transparent for example

docker network create -d transparent MyTransparentNetwork

and then make a container use it

docker run -it --network=MyTransparentNetwork blabla/bla

May I ask whether you are running also your twincat base software using containers?
I’m interested doing such thing instead of messing up with twincat and its various services installations…