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SAAS based on Docker, 1 container per client


Can someone point me to the right direction please.

We have wen based PHP/MYSQL application, now our SAAS organised as visual host per client, Chef to automate this.
Want to migrate to Docker.

Idea is to place all required to the container and run one container per user/client. Each container should have own database, directory with files, etc. We are going to run all on multiple machines. Say 30 containers on one physical machine.

Is Docker suitable to do this?
Are there any tools to manage this?

Thanks you in advance.


yes docker is able to do this, and I belive that is able to make templates

Why there are no tutorials and examples for such a scenario?

It docker worked well for this then we will have unlimited number of tutorials, demo, examples, etc., right?

Well, basically there is alot of tutorials for ordinary php/mysql, then you can use this to multiply it?
(i dont use portainer, but by the looks of it, it should be able to do the magic)

@onesign You need to be looking for tutorials about security, and resource isolation. Using namespaces, cgroups, etc to logically segment the underlying host resources to provide appropriate isolation for customer environments.

Also, do your customers have regulatory compliance requirements for their SaaS vendors (this would be you)? If so, you should review the requirements and look at tutorials for configuring the outcomes required by the control objectives in the framework relevant to the regulations applicable to your customer environments.

And @terpz 's suggestion to use seems reasonable, but I have no direct experience with it.

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