Serversetup for SaaS software / Using portainer etc


I´m planning to use Docker to rollout my CRM / ERP software.
My idea is to have:

  • For each client a docker container

For managing those container, it seems Portainer is a good decision?

My question would be regarding the server setup.
E.g. I have:
3x Virtual Machine (VM)

Do I have to install on every machine:

  • Docker
  • Portainer

This would mean than also:

  • I cannot start / stop all container with one click, because I have a Portainer portal for each VM?

Or how can this be managed in general?

If you want to use multiple nodes, you should look into Docker Swarm. Portainer can manage Docker Swarm with a single instance.

We run a dedicated service with dedicated database (within DB cluster) per tenant, of course you can start with creating them manually in Portsiner. But when you reach 20+ services, you rather want a fool-proof process, maybe look into ansible or other automation and deployment tools.

The whole setup gets more complicated when you start looking into HA (“high availability”), so you can tolerate the failure of one node.