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SAP Testing in Docker

I am from SAP automation testing. Docker will support SAP testing in ECC6.0. Please let me know.

Docker is computer software used for Virtualization in order to have multiple Operating systems running on the same host. Unlike Hypervisors which are used for creating VM (Virtual machines), virtualization in Docker is performed on system-level in so-called Docker containers.

As you can see the difference in the image below, Docker containers run on top of the host’s Operation system. This helps you to improves efficiency. Moreover, we can run more containers on the same infrastructure than we can run Virtual machines because containers use fewer resources.

Unlike the VMs which can communicate with the hardware of the host (ex: Ethernet adapter to create more virtual adapters) Docker containers run in an isolated environment on top of the host’s OS. Even if your host runs Windows OS, you can have Linux images running in containers with the help of Hyper-V, which automatically creates small VM to virtualize the system’s base image, in this case, Linux.

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