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Is Docker a good option for my needs?

(Wfsteadman) #1

Greetings all,
I am a Security Engineer and I am trying to build out a lab to do some testing of firewalls. I have all the hardware and the only thing missing is having servers to act as hosts. I know I can build virtualbox instances and get what I am trying to accomplish to work, but someone mentioned that maybe Docker would be better and more efficient. I have been reading up on Docker and containers and images, but figure let me just ask the question I am trying to solve. I have 4 physical ubuntu servers and I want to create multiple virtual instances on each server that will act as PCs/Servers in themselves. So I really only need one image which would be a server that has ubuntu, apache, netcat, ping, trace and any other tools I think of that will help me do testing. Each server would need its own IP address so that I could say for example ping from one server and it goes through the firewall to another server. Or maybe telnet from one server through the firewall to another server on different ports etc… Would Docker be able to do this for me? So I create one docker image and then just change the IP Address it uses and I have a working machine. On each server I might need to run an apache server and change the listening ports at any given time.
I uploaded an image and the blue servers are the physical hosts and the white servers would be the virtual/dockerized hosts.
Any assistance or knowledge would be appreciated before I take the journey of getting in to docker. While I do eventually want to learn it in detail, at this point I am working on time based issues so need to try to get the lab up as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance