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Service Scheduling on Swarm

(Justin Watkinson) #1

Hey there!

I was curious if anyone has tried using Swarm with any kind of service-type orchestration (or knows of a project working on one). I’m looking for something that would emulate the behavior seen with Marathon in a Mesos cluster, where you define a number of instances of a service to run, and it’ll monitor them for health and start new ones should it die unexpectedly.

I’m thinking I can probably fake it for now with some restart flags (e.g. restart: always) but if a whole VM goes down, I think it’ll defeat that solution.

Was really fun and easy to set up the cluster. The overlay networks are cool, though the thing from Weave is definitely a cut above. Maybe K8N is the best alternative ffor now?

(Dvohra) #2

Kubernetes cluster manager would be most suitable for service scheduling.

(Rusher81572) #3

Have you tried the Apcera Platform? You can orchestrate Docker workloads across nodes with no effort and it even includes persistent storage.