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Setting up proxy for Swarm cluster on Azure

(Uberwrensch) #1

This might be beyond the scope of this forum, but I’m hoping some generous soul can help or provide a pointer.

I’ve deployed a swarm cluster (1 manager and 1 worker) via Docker for Azure. For test purposes I’m just running a simple nginx service set with port 9080 exposed.

What I’d like to do is have this cluster fronted by an HTTPS proxy such that 443 traffic hitting the site gets routed to this swarm service. I believe this is what Azure’s Application Gateway is intended to do, so have been playing with that. So far I’ve not been able get that traffic redirected to the backend swarm service.

Anyone know of examples where this is/was successfully done for swarm?

If I can’t get the reverse proxy/SSL termination done “natively” on Azure, then I guess I could run nginx outside the cluster to do this?


(Davidwneary) #2

You could try