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Share environmental variables

(Nathanhoisington) #1

At run time I desire the docker container to share all environmental variables that are on the host os.

How do I do that?


  1. host machine populated with ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES
  2. run container that uses the same ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES

*dont want to use ENV FILE (open to dynamically creating one based on host ENV)

(David Maze) #2

Why? Note that several of them (HOME, SSH_AUTH_SOCK, DISPLAY) are likely to be actively wrong, and others (TERM) imply dependencies that might not exist in the container.

I’m pretty sure just running env(1) will spit out a list of environment variables in a format that’s usable.

(Nathanhoisington) #3

I have automation scripts that work off of 20-30 environmental settings that are set before the test is run. i was just hoping for a quick link between host and container. I had not considered that this could improperly set some env variables.

I was able to get all the env variables desired with the env command and use the result to pass env variables to the container (not exactly a quick link but it will do)