Share FileSystem between dockers

Hello guys, I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum category, I’m new to this new dockers technology.

I have one question, I want to make a micro-service architecture which shares a file folder between containers and I´m thinking about how I can do it.

I’ve searched and found Cloudstor which allows me to share a local storage account between containers but the containers must have the same micro service right?

Sorry if I’m not explaining my self right, but this is what I want:

One micro service with the responsibility to upload files;
Another micro service with the responsibility to work on those files(heavy processing right here);

Also is possible to use Azure Files or Azure Disks with Cloudstor? If so I could upload the files directly via rest and use Cloudstor to share the file system along all the processing micro services.

I would appreciate all the suggestions :slight_smile:

Sorry for bad English(not native)

Anyone? I’m struggling with this |:

A container isn’t much use if you can’t easily share or manage its data. Here’s how to handle this task with the help of Docker volumes.