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Should we expect issues when building images with one Docker version and running with another version?

Different members of the team are using different docker versions.

Am I going to run into build problems if a person runs docker build with one docker version, and then another person runs docker run on that same image, using a different docker version?

If you consider how many images exist on Dockerhub, you can be sure that most of them have been build with a different docker version than the one you use to create a container based on it - and still the images work for you, don’t they? :slight_smile:

Though, what might provide different behavior is the origin of the package. Make sure everyone uses the same docker distribution! It is recommended to stick with the packages provided by the docker’s own repositories. Packages from other repositories are redistributions that may or may not be modified to follow the package managers or os’s philosophy. For instance, I consider the snap package to be a non complient, thus broken, docker redistribution, Just because something is based on the docker sources, doesn’t make it a docker distribution that works like expected.

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