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Special Characters problem on arised again!

This problem just arised again!

Since yesterday some problems were solved, however I am facing problems still in the following images:


One of the problems I notice is that it doesn’t recognize capital letters between the characters “<…>”


Dear Docker Hub Administrators,

The major aspect that diferentiates our project ( from others that are similar is the fact that we provide detailed information on how to run all our Docker images so researchers without a background in informatics can easily use those Docker images. However, the project loses its relevance when the file that is shown to the user in the new Docker Hub UI presents a relevant number of typos due to a bad work of integration between GitHub and Docker Hub.
Please let us know how to solve this problem as soon as possible, since it is the second time since January that it occurs.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Pedro Ferreira
i3S, Porto.

Any developments on this?