Simple docker-compose up problems

Hello all !
I’ve just switched to linux (Manjaro) but i’m was having the same problem on Windows10.
I have a folder wich contain a web app. Inside this folder there is the compose yml file. My coworker isn’t here for now so i can’t ask him.
When i launch a clean docker : docker-compose up -d
Then it’s downloading. Then the container is ok : docker ps. I can see it.
Then i stop the container, then docker and restart docker. I do a docker-compose up too see if it’s working.
And then it say :
error: failed switching to "root": operation not permitted actions-sdk_web_1 exited with code 1
I added myself to the group with adduser. But i’m was having the same problem on windows. I’m sure that i have to run a other command because my collegue did it for me when im wasnt in front of it so i can’t remember right now.
Do you have idea for me pls? :smiley:
Thank you !

UP pls it’s important i need it to work

EDIT : Even on docker-ompose start

There is nobody …