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Simple pull only docker registry front by nginx - possible?


I would like to create a VM with a simple docker registry fronted by nginx. and configure nginx to disable any push operation ( ie pull only)

would this work?

Very much appreciate any advice


How about using a docker image registry with build in user managent instead?
Those have a build in registry for docker images: Nexus3, Artefactory and Gitlab

If you already use one of those in your environment, enable the image repo and use it :slight_smile:
If you have neither one of them in your environmet, then you might like to try nexus3 - the image repo is very easy to setup.

@meyay thanks for the advice, we prefer introducing your recommended combinations. Instead we just want to take advante what we already have - SLES12SP4 with Nginx ( SSL), al we need is in install simple docker-registry and see if we can take advantage of nginx to front it

Since I dont know about the internal docker push, i wonder if can get nginx to prevent any push action. would it work?

Your objective is to limit access to your image repos. I still believe the proper way to achive this is the have proper authentification/authorization.

Anyhow, I am quite sure everyone will be interessted in the result of your endevor. Please share your solution when (if?!) you manged to get things sorted out!

I am hoping that some one with deep knowlege of internal docker push/pull to tell me if my ‘endevor’ is possible so that I can march on, other wise, i will need to sort out a different solution :slight_smile:


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Just to confirm, i am able to use nginx to front docker registry allow pull only operation