Slow upload/push to hub.docker

i want to upload my docker image… which has a layer of prox 3,5 gb… this takes forever litterally…

what would be the normal upload time for such an image?

also how can i see if something is amiss?

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I have the same issue, I try to push an image:

The push refers to a repository []
333dcccc6b95: Pushed
8ea7c514c2a5: Pushed
a6f39b3ba43a: Pushed
daf16b462887: Pushed
396397d481e1: Pushing [==>                                                ] 66.08 MB/1.25 GB
3d1ae675b9aa: Pushed
16d83ae5e460: Pushing [>                                                  ]  7.21 MB/488.5 MB
2d3232c50edc: Pushed
c593af5ff955: Pushed
f940b8380f2f: Pushing [===================>                               ] 50.55 MB/127.6 MB
68585897dd79: Layer already exists
355511df205f: Layer already exists
2fc761ab8092: Layer already exists
960695c68360: Layer already exists
5f70bf18a086: Layer already exists
6a6c96337be1: Layer already exists

yeah looks the same as mine…

Do you use docker beta for Mac?
I just restart it and it upload my image correctly now…


ah yes… mmh may take that into account the next time :wink:

Same for me, I was waiting an half day before having this idea :joy:

Yeah, I’ve been noticing that I have to restart the Docker beta every day or so to keep things moving. This is generally for more complex and large containers. Simpler containers with fewer layers generally have no problems.

Using docker for mac, same problem here. A restart speeds up upload for some minutes.

Restarting works for me too. :expressionless:

docker for mac beta, +1 on restarting as workaround. Was pushing a layer w/ 90MB, around 10 min got 50%, restarting made it push around 1 min.

+1 for restarting Docker Mac Beta.

Thanks for your feedback. The Docker for Mac team is aware of this problem and is tracking this issue.

same pb with Docker for mac Version 1.12.1-rc1-beta23 (build: 11375)

Same with Version 1.12.0-a (build: 11213)

Thanks. Restarting docker is working for me.

docker restart works like charm

I’m a docker newbie Windows 10, pushing to docker hub is ludicrously slow and restart doesn’t seem to make a difference. my layer is 100mb.

Are there any other Docker Windows10 users out there experiencing same and/or have come across a fix / workaround please advise regards

I canned original push after 30mins, then restart and push took 10mins to complete so i’ll downgrade from push from ludicrously slow, to just very-very-very slow