[solved] Docker on/for mac starting (but getting nowhere)

Expected behavior

Installing or updating ‘the Moby’ would have me think that it would sit in my menubar, quietly, only juggling containers if/when actually busy

Actual behavior

Installing or updating ‘the Moby’ have me glaring at the ‘fish’ constantly juggling containers - and if I click the fish, the drop-down discloses a first menu-item saying: Docker starting… (with a yellow dot in front and a restart button to the right [which apparently does nothing])

In this last update, the juggling has stopped, but the yellow ‘lamp’ and the ‘starting…’ text is still up.



and - I would like to add - this is the output from my terminal:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. install (or update) the dirty ba… :slight_smile: …ahemm, the ‘fish’

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