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"Botched" Installation on Mac

(Tessandori) #1

Please help me! I have fallen down the rabbit-hole of Docker and can’t get up… Sorry to escalate this here, but I cannot find any information about how to fix a “botched” installation on a Mac (running OS 10.13.4).

Following these directions on, I get to the section where the Docker icon should be showing in my Menu bar and it’s not. When I go to startup the program through (1) ~/Applications, (2) by clicking on the Icon or (3) using a Terminal command (open -a Docker), nothing works nor is there any indication it’s running.

I see the Docker process in Activity Monitor, but yet no menu bar icon or ability to manipulate preferences.

Obviously I’m a newbie and I thought using third party software like “Clean My Mac 3” would be able to remove it so that I could do a clean install proved to just make matters worse.

Is there a set of directions you could send me so that I can get Docker running on my Mac?

Thank you for your help.