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[Solved]Docker windows beta not mounting drives

(Boistordu) #1

you settings panel for sharing drives become unaccessible when I try to checkthe box for one of my drives and apply the settings.

by the way : DockerDebugInfo.ps1 is not recognized as a command in my powershell

(Boistordu) #2

can’t try any of these things suggessted as in this post, since if I try to share one of the disk, docker become unresponsive.

(Teeekay) #3

The Docker installation adds a path to their binaries which are in:
C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\bin
but not to the DockerDebugInfo.ps1 script which is in:
C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources

You might also need to change the execution policy to get the ps1 script to run. But that is the next step…

(Boistordu) #4

is it really important to get that info since it crash anyway? So I guess it doesn’t the time to record why i crashed ?

(Boistordu) #5

sharing drives don’tmake crash the app anymore with the new update