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[SOLVED] Why does nobody respond to my messages?

(Dockergi) #1

Did I say something wrong?
Have I offended anyone?
Have I been rude?
Is docker support terminated?
I can’t get on with my educational project.
I changed PC and OS. I went from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and I can’t use “docker-machine ip” anymore. I get the same problem on any system (Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04).


Now you have at least one responding to you. Btw I have the same kind of question but really I’ve just kept it in my mind (some kind of wondering, doubting …). Really learning docker is not easy when it comes to some advanced scenarios or encountering some strange issues. We can hardly find a quick supporting even in here :frowning:

(Dockergi) #3

Thanks for the reply, I had been waiting for someone for a word for days.
My questions are very simple, I’m simply asking how to install Docker!
It’s a simple question for you.
Besides, I have everything new. The PC is new (i3-8100), Windows is updated to the latest version (1809), Ubuntu is the penultimate version (18.04).


Docker Forums are … not very useful.

I would recommend someplace like stackexchange which has a much better structure. Good answers get upvoted. People have incentives to provide good answers. Questions which are answered are marked as answered. Most important: there seems to be a better balance between people asking and people answering.


do you mean about StackOverflow? :crazy_face: I think in this field of docker, both are just the same. There is very less support from both sites. StackOverflow may be better a bit in responding but almost are just comments. Finding an answer is not easy.